-Competition for the Refurbishment of the Auditorium of Campus Bahía de Algeciras. First prize

SITUATION: Avenida Ramón Puyol s/n, Algeciras, Cádiz. >>Open in GOOGLE MAPS
CLIENT: University of Cádiz
ARCHITECTS: José Antonio Carbajal Navarro, Nicolás Carbajal Ballell and Rodrigo Carbajal Ballell
COLLABORATING ARCHITECTS: Fernando Moreno Humanes, José Anelo Romero, Juan Tuñón Espinosa and Lorena Tirador Díaz
BUILDING SURVEYORS: Manuel Ballester Diana
SERVICES ENGINEER: Miguel Sibón Roldán
PHOTOGRAPHY: Jesús Granada
Vía Construcción Nº 160.. Grupo Vía, 2022. ISSN 2695-9062. Dep. legal: GI-06-2003
Neutra Nº 19. Neutra – Revista del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Sevilla, 2024. ISSN: 11381507. Dep. Legal: SE-2115-97

As required in the tender brief, our work has focused on the adaptation of the auditorium and its facilities, including the renovation of audiovisual equipment. We have proposed to update this space in terms of security, habitability and functionality, while trying to renew its image as a representative space of the University of Cádiz and the Bahía de Algeciras Campus.
Among the operations carried out, it is worth highlighting the new connection with the lobby of the Polytechnic School, previously difficulted by the elevated floor of the stage. This new connection, that will act as a firewall, enables the necessary alternative and accessible evacuation exit. A lift platform has also been installed to access the stage.
In relation to the envelope, the roofs have been renewed, which were in a poor state of conservation, and inside new coatings have been projected on floors, walls and ceilings, obeying criteria of durability, acoustic comfort and adequate representativeness of the space.
The renovation of the stalls has maintained the number of seats (348), incorporating those necessary for people using wheelchairs. The new seats have been designed with textile upholstery and beech wood veneer, mostly equipped with integrated lecterns.
Regarding the facilities, new wet standpipes and fire extinguishers have been incorporated and the electrical and lighting systems have been completely renovated, meeting the requirements of current regulations. On the other hand, a new distribution of air conditioning ducts and diffusers has been proposed, more in line with the height of this space.
In the lobby, the incorporation of the side spaces has allowed to increase the provision of restrooms, with two new ones for disabled, and a wardrobe space has been created. On the upper floor, the control cabin has been recovered, previously obstructed by the air conditioning ducts and without direct communication with the main room. This new booth, which complements the one located next to the stage, has an independent space for use by non-University staff for events where necessary.
Finally, all the audiovisual equipment has been replaced and updated. The new auditorium has a video projection system, side monitors, a filming system, audio jacks for the media, a connection of 40 audio channels between the control booth and the scene and, for the latter, a renewed lighting system.

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