SITUATION: San Pablo neighbourhood, Seville. >>Open in GOOGLE MAPS
DATES: competition (2008)
CLIENT: EPSA, Empresa Pública de Suelo de Andalucía
ARCHITECTS: José Antonio Carbajal Navarro, Nicolás Carbajal Ballell and Rodrigo Carbajal Ballell
COLLABORATING ARCHITECTS: Eva Muñoz Romero, Fernando Moreno Humanes and Ingvild Thommesen Sæbø
Estudio Carbajal. Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Mérida, 2008. ISBN 9788461240289

This is a sector of the city defined by isolated blocks, whose orientation is not related to the street layout, placed between gardened areas and parking lots. In a central position of this sector, a macro-plot of urban facilities gathers sport centers, schools, offices and commercial buildings. This new office building is going to be built in the eastern corner of this macro-plot, close to an industrial development. The competition brief requested that the building should have a big lobby for receiving visitors, waiting area, meeting place and connecting circulation cores.
Considering the urban context we thought the building should only attend to its own needs and internal rules, resolving its own problems in matter of accessibility, rationality, orientation, comfort, versatility and representation, with its own geometry, not street-dependent. In relation to the lobby, we take again the concept of the sevillian, covered streets, spaces that are, at the same time, a street and a room, a place to stay and a place for transit. The lobby is designed between the building blocks, receiving users and visitors with controlled, natural light, offering them a clear orientation and easy connection with services, resources and circulation cores.
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