SITUATION: Zahora (Barbate). Cádiz.
DATES: 1975
CLIENT: Roberto Alés Méndez
ARCHITECT: José Antonio Carbajal Navarro
BUILDING SURVEYOR: Roberto Alés Méndez
PHOTOGRAPHY: Estudio Carbajal
Estudio Carbajal. Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseño de Mérida, 2008. ISBN 9788461240289

In Zahora, the orchard and the beach confused between native vegetation maintain a high degree of authenticity. There, the traditional architecture could be explained as the addition, over time, of a series of elemental modules, prisms covered with thatch, around a patio where the well and the most vulnerable gardening are placed. This project tries to take this logical and proven way of doing. Now the modules are two prisms, a rectangular one with the living room, the kitchen and the fireplace, a square one with two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the cylinder of the well. The prisms define the patio and a covered arcade is placed in its eastern side, between the well and the fireplace, the water and the fire.
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